best beaches in oman

best beaches in oman, oman is a beautiful country famous by its landscapes and beaches so it is so easy to disconnect from your stress and get some relax at oman beaches

best beaches in oman

 there is a list of best beaches you can visit in oman and the activities you can do at them

Tiwi beach

located on the eastern coast of oman, suitable for relaxation, climbing and mountain hiking

Al-bustan beach

located in muscat the capital city of oman,suitable for relaxation

Masirah island

it is the largest island in oman, located on the eastern coast, have many beaches you can get some relax and breath fresh air

Al-qurum beach

located in the north of oman at muscat city,surrounded with shopping malls, cafes and resturantes

Bandar jissah

located at 25 km from muscat,suitable for beach games and relaxation

Khassab beach

located in musandam at the oman north region, surrounded by to gulfs the arabian gulf and oman 

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